China & Hong Kong 4G Data

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CHN, HKG 1 Day 4G Data US$ 3.99
 CHN, HKG 3 Days 4G Data US$ 7.99
CHN, HKG 5 Days 4G Data US$ 12.99
 CHN, HKG 7 Days 4G Data US$ 16.99
CHN, HKG 15 Days 2GB 4G Data US$ 12.99
 CHN, HKG 15 Days 5GB 4G Data US$ 25.99
 CHN, HKG 30 Days 2GB 4G Data US$ 15.99
CHN, HKG 30 Days 5GB 4G Data US$ 29.99
CHN, HKG 60 Days 2GB 4G Data US$ 18.99
CHN, HKG 60 Days 5GB 4G Data US$ 34.99
CHN, HKG 90 Days 2GB 4G Data US$ 21.99
 CHN, HKG 90 Days 5GB 4G Data US$ 36.99


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China, Hong Kong
Data Usage
Unlimited for 1 – 7 Days packages
According to the chosen package for 15 – 90 Days packages
3G Download / Upload speed
Maximum 21 / 5.76 Mbps
4G Download / Upload Speed
Maximum 100 / 50 Mbps
Fair Usage Policy
When daily usage reached 500MB then the data access speed will be restricted at 128kbps for 1 – 7 Days packages.
No FUP for 15 – 90 Days packages.


Network / Local Carrier / Frequency


China Mobile
4G LTE / 3G
cmhk (Auto Setup)
TD-LTE 1900 (Band 39) / 2300 (Band 40) / 2500 (Band 41) MHz

Hong Kong
4G LTE / 3G
cmhk (Auto Setup)
FDD-LTE 1800 (Band 3) / 2600 (Band 7) MHz and TD-LTE 2300 (Band 40) MHz



  • All purchased data packages can be used within 30 days starting from the selected effective date.
  • 24 Hours / 48 Hours Data Package is a continuous 24-hour / 48-hour session starting from service activation.
  • Except for 24 Hours / 48 Hours Data Package, the daily data usage time is from Singapore time (GMT+8) 00:00:00 to 23:59:59. There is no pro-rata calculation regardless of the activation time of data service.
  • AIRSIM works on unlocked mobile phones or tablets such as iPAD only, but not compatible with pocket WiFi device (MiFi). You can use data sharing (Tethering) on your mobile phone or tablet if applicable.
  • 4G service will be available only when compatible handset or device supporting 4G bandwidth is used. It is also subject to the coverage, system compatibility and other relevant conditions of the designated networks.
  • Actual speeds may vary due to network conditions, hardware, software or other factors.
  • The Carrier is automatically assigned by system according to the availability.